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Why Equity?Why A-List?


“As an investor, you can access research that is free – and freely available to all your competitors – or you can choose to pay for research which gives you the investment edge that your competitors lack. The price of this research, while not insignificant in itself, is insignificant next to the capital returns that it can bring.”

Why subscribe?
A-List’s subscription-based model gives its readers a competitive edge over readers of freely-distributed sell-side or sponsored research.

The financial benefits of investing in the best businesses over the long-term can be immense. Our research is designed to be pivotal in identifying, putting forward and monitoring these businesses for our readers.

A hidden part of our service is the lengthy investigatory work that we perform in order to select our A-List and B-Team companies, and the many rejected companies that we exclude from our published research. By doing so, we save our subscribers significant time that would otherwise be wasted researching companies which ultimately prove unsuitable for investment.

By purchasing A-List equity research, fund managers and trustees can demonstrate their commitment to achieving objectivity and the highest professional standards. Payment can be via CSA out of normal commission flow.

Our research is a more in-depth product than typical equity research, and requires a large extent of work, skill and investment experience in its preparation. It is priced to reflect these factors, but foremost to provide value for money in the investment decision-making process. We are adamant that our research should always be a good investment for our subscribers. It must make money for them which they would not make without it.

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