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Why Equity?Why A-List?

Dependence-free Research

Benefits of A-List

A-List equity research addresses the shortcomings of both sell-side and sponsored research. We do not generate revenues from the companies we research. This means equally that we have no responsibility to them, except of course to ensure that our research is fair and not misleading. We chose the companies that we write about, rather than writing about any company that asks for research coverage and is willing to pay. We can also chose to cease coverage or express a negative view without risking loss of revenue or souring a relationship with a paying client.

Our commercial interests are aligned only with those of our readers. Indeed our business model and reputation depend on our ability to keep filtering the good companies from the bad, and to remain on the ball at all times. Subscribers pay us to bring only the best quality companies to their attention, to keep expanding their knowledge of those companies, and equally not to hesitate to notify them and even remove from coverage any company that begins to disappoint.

And because you the reader are our paymaster, you can demand from us the highest standards of research, insight and relevant, readable reports. Our commercial success is determined by the measurable extent to which we bring value to your decision making.

Our research can fairly be called dependence-free and brings the detached view that is so essential to the efficient allocation of investment capital.