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Why Equity?Why A-List?

Why A-List?

The term ‘A-List’ is used today to refer to almost anyone in the media limelight, even celebrity socialites with no commercial talent. At A-List Equity Research, however, we use the term in its original meaning as coined by financiers in the Hollywood movie industry.

The original A-List was and remains a published ranking of the actors, producers and directors with the highest proven commercial achievement. It results from research designed to quantify the extent to which individuals are likely to influence the financial outcome of a movie. The methodology applies point-based values to attributes such as acting talent and range, professionalism, willingness to promote a movie, and box office receipt history. In an industry known for its hyperbole, the A-List has brought a structured approach to the crucial task of identifying, measuring and allocating commercial talent. It has proved invaluable in assisting key decision makers to avoid commercial mistakes and to achieve more rapid, lower risk, financing and production of profitable movies.

We approach investment in a similar way.